Fire Alarm

Whatever the size and complexity of the fire detection system, we have the experience and expertise. The design of a suitable system to your home or commercial premises, is the first important step in the process of installation.


The primary objective of a detection system is to reduce the devastating impact that can be experienced by fire and smoke, not only to property but on personal belongings and in some cases, loss of life. For this reason, the fire detection alarm system is necessary in any area, both inside and outside a building.

Our company undertakes studies and designs the coverage of each area separately for the purpose of detecting a possible fire, according to the needs of the area, aiming at the perfect operation of the systems based on international safety standards.

We offer a design, supply, installation, and service package, perfect for those looking for a high-tech system built from scratch. With this service, you not only know the fire system you have in place is made to work most effectively in your building by design, but it also means we will service your system regularly, ensuring there are no problems, everything is working as it should, and keeping you compliant with the law.



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