Cloud Leads the Future, Reshapes the Value Chain

Fulfill requirements in whole project chain, afford high values and simple experience to customers.

Pre-project stage

Project deployment stage

Project maintenance stage

Cloud managed, from Enterprise to Home

Full product family cloud-managed access, provide access to any user.

Provision in 3 mins via Self-Organizing Network

How long will it take for 150 APs provisioning? 103 seconds, faster than it used to be.

Continue to evolve, scenario-based solutions

Ruijie Cloud is constantly iterating to provide more value, making variety of projects touchable.

Centralized management, expand possibilities

Satisfy the networking needs of your business through Ruijie Cloud.

VLAN visualization, know business more

VLAN visualized on Ruijie Cloud, lower technical barriers from configuration to management.

Easy maintenance, no matter where you are

Cloud toolkits help you solve problems efficiently and remotely, skip going onsite.