A wired security system is distinguished by the use of wired devices. Such a system must be included in the project and installed at the initial stage of the repair. Most often, wired technologies are used to control large buildings: warehouses, workshops, etc. Wired burglar alarms are reliable and resistant to third-party factors. Wired security systems have the following features:

  1. Resistant to electromagnetic interference.
  2. Constant monitoring of the integrity of the connection.
  3. Signal stability.
  4. Ease of powering peripherals.

The wired security system consists of an alarm control panel to which sensors are connected: movement detectors, opening sensors, glass breaking detectors. The integrated security system also uses fire detectors and flood detectors. Sirens are installed at the scene to report an alarm. Wall keypads are used for convenient arming and disarming of the wired security system.

Mounting and installation of a wired type security alarm

Laying of wired alarm cables must be carried out in accordance with the developed rules and regulations. Neglect of the rules can lead to failures, false alarms and incorrect operation of the burglar alarm. The installation process also takes into account the recommendations of the manufacturer of the equipment used.

The Ajax wired security system is installed only by accredited partners who have been trained and certified.

A professional installer should also choose the optimal configuration of security devices for a building. He knows exactly which devices need to be installed for maximum protection of the object, as well as the places for mounting these devices.

Wired burglar alarm sensors

Before installing wired security devices, a plan is drawn up, taking into account the location and their type. It is important to prepare cables of the appropriate length and distance between the sensors and the control panel. After calculations, connections are made, and system sensors are connected. When the installation of the system is completed, the devices are configured and a general check of the operation of the wired security alarm is carried out.

Types of wire type security system sensors

The Ajax wired security system uses the following security sensors:

  • Wired motion sensors — detect a person in a controlled area by movement.
  • Sensors for opening windows and doors of the wired type are installed on doors or windows in the entrance area of ​​the room. Inform users of the system if someone tries to enter the guarded premises.
  • Wired Glass Break Detectors — respond to the sound of broken glass if an intruder tries to break into a building by breaking a window.

How the wired Ajax security system works

Ajax wired alarm system uses secure Fibra communication technology to work, which allows you to create independent lines up to 2 km long. 8 lines in one system under the control of the Hub Hybrid control panel minimize the potential damage from accidents. Even a complete break in one of the lines will leave the Ajax security system working at 87%.

With Fibra wired communication technology, connection options are available, such as star topology or 8 lines as zones in conventional signaling. In any configuration, you get a smart security system.

Features of wired security alarm from Ajax

The Ajax wired indoor security system has a number of advantages:

  • One of the most important advantages of the wired Ajax security system is the speed of response to events. The user and the security company will know about the incident in 0.15 seconds.
  • The free Ajax app for smartphones and PCs allows you to manage security, relays and smart sockets. On site and remotely. System sensors are also configured in the application.
  • The body of the wired devices of the system is protected by a tamper button. This is a device that helps to detect the opening of the case, its dismantling and damage to the device. If such a situation occurs, the user of the system will be instantly notified.
  • The Ajax wired security system allows you to create 32 scenarios and minimize the impact of the human factor on security. The control panel of the system can control the security of an object or group according to a pre-configured schedule. The system can turn on the light when a motion sensor is triggered, de-energize the room in case of fire, control garage doors, etc.
  • If the control panel loses communication, the user and the security company will know about it in 1 minute.
  • Information in Ajax applications makes permanent automatic backups and is protected by encryption. With cloud sync, getting started on a new mobile phone or PC takes a few minutes — you need to install the program and sign in to your account.
  • The Ajax wired security control panel is equipped with a unique mechanism for testing the power supply of alarm devices. The test is launched through the application and simulates the maximum possible power consumption: keyboards are activated, sensors inform about an alarm, sirens turn on. If the security system passes this test, it means that — all devices will have enough power in situations of any complexity.

* Use the Build your own system Configurator, directly by AJAX. Download the PDF with your selected products and contact us for a quote!