Valued Perimeter Protection Solution Based on Video Surveillance

All-round area protection, never loses any illegal intrusion!

With the perimeter making the first line of defense against unwanted intruders, industrial, civil and residential security solution providers are experiencing an increase in the demand for leading-edge techniques to reshaping the system used for perimeter protection and wide area surveillance.

Dahua perimeter protection solution is designed to provide a high-efficiency, reliable, cost-effective and visual system powered by artificial intelligence technology. High-definition and AI-enabled security products can offer precise and predictive intrusion alert, and record detailed visual information at the right time.

Business Challenge

Typical Scenario

Monitoring Area

Plant perimeter, Fence, Important control area

Limited Access Area

No parking area, military base, danger area, river bank

Solution Benefits

Recommended Solution

Economical Solution

Cost-effective solution for perimeter or intrusion protection of small and medium sized scenes


  • Easy deployment, adjustment and management.
  • View alarm messages and videos anytime, anywhere via mobile app.
  • Fast processing and alarming with AI by cameras.

Application Scenes:

Seamless Upgrade Solution

The most convenient solution for upgrading from traditional system to AI system


  • Just by changing the recorders to upgrade to a high-end AI system.
  • Compatible with different brands of cameras without replacing any front-end devices.
  • Supports face recognition, can be combined with access control system.

Application Scenes:

  • Any network CCTV system needs to introduce AI technology

Processing Flow