Fuba DAT912 – 5G LTE with 27 elements is due to its special design one of the strongest antennas on the market. The antenna is designed for the reception of DVB-T2 signals. It is made from high quality materials including reinforced plastic and solid aluminum. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The antenna suppresses the LTE band.


Number of elements: 27
Band: UHF
Channel range: 21 ÷ 48
Bandwidth: 470 ÷ 694 MHz
Max. gain (db): 13,7
Maximum gain frequency (MHz): 694
Impendance (Ω): 75
Type connector: F
Built-in filter: 5G LTE
High quality material (reinforced plastic, aluminum)
Front to back Ratio (db): 15-35
Windload 120 Km/h (720 N/m2) (N): 62
Polarization: Horizontal Vertical
Tilt adjustment (°): ± 20
Mast clamp range (mm): 25 ÷ 60

The set contents
1 x Fuba DAT912 – LTE Antenna 5G


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