TELE System TM100 is an amuminium satellite dish. The quality of TELE System antennas satisfies the most rigorous wind-resistance tests, required by the reference standards. In particular, it contains a plastic back support and a rectangular section LNB arm. Simple assembling and pre-mounting possible.


Dish dimensions (external) (mm): 1090×991

Gain at 10,75 GHz (dB): 39,8

Gain at 11,75 GHz (dB): 40,5

Gain at 12,75 GHz (dB): 40,9

Half power beamwidth at 12,75 GHz (deg): < 1,8°

Cross polar discrimination on main axis (dB): > 27

Mast clamp for (mm): 32 – 76

Elevation range (deg): 5° – 90°

Elevation with passing pole (deg): 7° – 47°

F/D ratio: 0,55

Offset angle (deg): 25°

Windloading at 72 Km/h (Kg): 30

Windloading at 144 Km/h (Kg): 119

Windloading at 216 Km/h (Kg): 268

Feed bracket diameter (mm): 23 / 40

Available reflector material: aluminium

Available colours: white

Back mount made of: plastic

AZ/EL holder made of: galvanized steel

LNB Arm (48x22mm) made of: aluminium

LNB holder made of: plastic


The set contents

1x TELE System TM100 – Aluminium Satellite Dish


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