What is Active Deterrence?

Active Deterrence is a surveillance system that can deter intruders in time and prevent potential crime via built-in spotlight and speaker. Users can choose products with white light or red & blue light to meet the requirements of different scenarios. Powered by deep learning algorithm, it provides high accuracy intrusion alarms and sends real-time event notification and video to mobile phone when alarm has been triggered. Users can also view live video and playback video via DMSS. With built-in mic and speaker, this system also offers two-way audio function.


Active Deterrence

The Active Deterrence camera can warn off intruders in time. When alarm is triggered, its built-in spotlight will flash and its speaker will play an alarm sound at the same time. Also, it supports custom voice audio created by the user (e.g., “Private property, keep out“).

Time-sharing Monitoring

Users can set preset position and time task to monitor different areas during different periods. For example, monitor the cashier desk and shelves during day time and rotate to the entrance automatically during non-business hours.

Accurate Detection

Based on deep-learning algorithm, it can filter alarms triggered by irrelevant objects, and only focus on human and vehicle targets. The false alarm rate is less than 1%.

Quick Target Search

Human and vehicle options are available for quick event search via NVR or XVR, significantly improving 98% of target search efficiency.

Two-way Talk

When connected to the DMSS App, the camera can send push notifications to mobile phone. With built-in speaker and mic, users can talk to people in front of the camera.


IP Solution

Active Deterrence
PTZ Camera +
WizSense NVR


  • Built-in spotlight and speaker can warn off intruders in time to prevent potential crime.
  • Monitors different area at different period automatically based on time tasks.
  • Powered by AI, it focus on human and vehicle to reduce the false alarms.
  • Human and vehicle search via NVR significantly improves target search efficiency.

Active Deterrence
IPC Camera +
WizSense NVR


  • Offers F1.0 super aperture and 24/7 monitoring.
  • Allows two-way talk through built-in mic and speaker.
  • Equipped with warm light and red & blue light that are noticeable even in dense fog or heavy rain.
  • Perimeter Protection (Tripwire, Intrusion) and SMD Plus.

Active Deterrence
Thermal Camera +


  • Provides relaible detection during day and night.
  • Offers a wide range of applications even in harsh environments.
  • Supports Active Deterrence and Smart Alarm Linkage with built-in spotlight and siren.

Other Solution

Active Deterrence HAC Camera + WizSense XVR


  • Provides accurate alarms for human and vehicle through WizSense XVR’s Perimeter Protection and SMD Plus.
  • Actively warns off intruders with siren and white (or red & blue) light.
  • Offers more vivid evidence to accurately identify suspects, and provides 24/7 monitoring (with Full-color model options).

Active Deterrence Visual Radar +


  • Allows radar and video integration, and offers 24/7 monitoring, extremely low false alarm rate and no missing alarms.
  • Provides integrated spotlight and speaker to warn off intruders.
  • Supports drawing of protection zones and cross line area on live view, making it applicable to various scenarios.
  • Supports filtering of human/vehicle targets (for targets with speed of 0-40km/h).

Typical Scenario

Convenience Store



Industrial Park