What is Smart Tracking?

Smart Tracking controls the pan/tilt/zoom actions of the camera to automatically track humans/vehicles in motion and to keep the target in the scene. The tracking action can be triggered manually or automatically by preset rules. Once a rule is triggered, the camera zooms in and tracks the defined target automatically. It includes PTZ auto tracking, bullet-PTZ integrated linkage tracking, radar-PTZ linkage tracking and thermal-PTZ linkage tracking.


Accurate tracking : It only tracks human and vehicle targets and effectively filters out unnecessary objects. It is also capable of tracking both slow and fast moving targets.

Displays both detailed and panoramic views : It solves the common problem of losing monitoring view when the PTZ camera is tracking a target.

Multi-target trajectory tracking : The radar and PTZ camera are linked to achieve dual tracking of real-time trajectory and video of multiple targets in the area. It works 24/7, under all types of weather.

Extraordinary detection ability : With cost-effective and easy to configure solution, AI is no longer confined to the ivory tower, but applied to real scenarios instead.

Typical Scenario

PTZ Auto Tracking

Business park

Bullet-PTZ Linkage Tracking

Critical infrastructure

Rader-PTZ Linkage Tracking


Thermal-PTZ Linkage Tracking