What is Illegal Parking Detection 2.0?

When a vehicle has been detected in the monitored area, snapshots will be taken and metadata will be saved. It supports overlay of license plate number, violation time, violation location, and parking duration as evidence. Based deep learning algorithm, it can offer high accuracy detection rate, instand of traffic police normally posts parking tickets to highly improve the efficiency and reduce the labor costs.


When a vehicle parks in an illegal parking area, the illegal parking PTZ can send a warning voice audio through its built-in loudspeaker to warn the vehicle to leave.

Support multiple detection mode for different demands based on the characteristics of scenarios.

Supports capturing of vehicle images, with license plate number and other violation information overlaid on the image as evidence.

Supports displaying of panoramic and detail views simultaneously, with both channels equipped with illegal parking detection to cover a wide detection range.


IP Solution

Illegal Parking Detection PTZ Camera


  • Offers professional illegal parking detection solution
  • Supports capturing of vehicle images and overlay of license plate number and other violation information,providing a complete chain of evidence.
  • Both illegal parking detection and recognition accuracy rates can reach up to 90%.

Typical Scenario

City Road

Bus Station

Fire Exit