What is Heat Map?

With deep learning technology, Dahua’s new heat map function demonstrates two types of heat map charts based on the number of people and average strand time. Being widely used in retail shops, this feature enables business owners to easily analyze customers’ preferences.

Supports two-dimensional analysis – number of people and average strand time. Customers can choose according to their preference. It also supports exporting reports, providing valuable business data to customers for BI report.


Disadvantages:1.Unrecognizable objects; 2. Low accuracy

Advantages:1.Focus on people; 2.High accuracy based on two dimensions: the number of people and average strand time

Typical Scenario


Traditional retailers rely on the experience of operations managers to make adjustments, and it is difficult to check the adjusted results intuitively. The heat map feature helps retailers to optimize the layout of supermarkets. It also enables retailers to discover which products draw more attention based on the time the customers stay in an area.