What is Fire Prevention?

Thermal cameras can detect mild differences in temperature change. This feature allows thermal camera to detect objects with a large temperature difference compared to the average temperature of the scene. As fires usually have much higher temperatures than the surrounding environment, Dahua thermal cameras are able to detect the presence of fire.


Thermal imaging cameras can detect the source of fire much earlier than human eyes and visible light cameras.

Dual-channel monitoring allows thermal camera to detect the fire, and visibly track it in the system.

Support for fire detection up to 10km away, effectively help users find fires farther away, while reducing construction costs.

In a variety of complex environmental conditions, thermal imaging camera can still effectively detect fire.


Fire Detection

Thermal Cameras + NVR


  • It can realize early fire detection up to 10 kilometers away to prevent the spread of fire.
  • It has an effective alarm push mechanism to inform the fire situation to the management department in time.

Typical Scenario


Scenic Area

Chemical Plant